Cacicia's II: Home Is Where the Hearth Is

I don't know if there's anything I can tell you about Cacicia's at this point that I didn't cover in my first review (which you can read here).  Since that review, they've tried the brick and mortar thing once and found out pretty quickly that the location wasn't a good fit.  Their second stab at a sit-down eatery is now live at The Village at Meridian, in a cozy little glass-walled building with a great view of the fire pit and fountains.  Best of all, the food is just as good and reasonably-priced, and the menu has expanded a bit.  Since I don't have much of anything new to say, let's just look at some pictures, eh?

The decor is pretty sparse and modern, but they had a lot of old-school Italian crooners on the sound system.  Definitely a nice touch.

Nonna's Spaghetti and Meatballs - This dish has actually improved in my opinion.  The meatballs are now more or less bite-sized, and a little spicier to boot.

Side salad - starightforward with good veggies and a very yummy Italian dressing.

Fettuccine Alfredo - I've never cared much for this dish (not really a cream sauce kind of guy), but when Mom decided to come along tonight I knew she would order it.  She picked onions, mushrooms, artichoke hearts, and herbed grilled chicken.  And did you notice it comes with garlic bread?  As I said a long time ago, the only thing these guys were missing was side dishes, and now we have salad and bread!  Oh, there's another side, too...

Au-Oue - I know, a pasta side dish at a joint with this many pasta me, this is different.  The capellini is as light as air, comparatively speaking, sauteed with garlic, parsley and asiago.  Very, very nice.

Sicilian Blue Cheese Philly Sandwich - and finally we come to my dinner.  Beef tenderloin, onion, and red and green bell peppers sauteed in bleu cheese butter are added to more bleu cheese, arugula and melted provolone, then stuffed into baguette bread with basil mayo.  Usually there are mushrooms, but I don't like mushrooms.  Intensely flavorful and VERY messy.  Grab extra napkins, trust me.  This can't top their pork smashburgers for me, but it was nice to try a completely new menu item, and a successful one at that.

Let's talk about price for a second here.  On Tuesdays, pasta tosses are five bucks.  On Sundays, kids' meals are 99 cents.  If you need more incentive than all of this, you're beyond my help.

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