Yes, I suck. Now in other news...

I'll just be honest here.  I know I've been doing a lousy job of updating this site for a while now.  In the last couple of months I've gotten sick, moved, gotten sick again (but with something else), dealt with the holidays, and been running around town doing my pieces for (by the by, here are links to my profiles on Oriental Express, Russian Bear Café and tres bonne cuisine).  I haven't even been making it to the gym, so blogging hasn't really been near the top of my priorities list.  Also, for some reason I've been working through this intense desire to go back and revisit favorite places rather than checking out new ones, and usually posting pictures and brief comments to my Facebook page afterward.

Now that things are beginning to settle down, and I'm finally getting caught up with my life again, the desire to explore new ground has been returning.  The upshot is that you can safely expect to start seeing more reviews soon.  Yes, really.  I promise!


  1. Pinky swear? Its already March!

  2. Indeed. I've got several in the pipeline I just need to polish before posting. There might even be one up later tonight...