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Yesterday was a day worthy of noting: the first time my attempt to get my lady to a taco truck ended up being successful!  Since I was getting out of work early due to the holiday, we both held off eating and met for a late lunch at Tacos Mobile Primo, located at the southwest corner of Franklin and Curtis in Boise (yes, this is the truck I mentioned at the end of the Portuguese Lunch Wagon entry).

I learned of this truck from the Idaho Statesman of all places, who sent one of their intrepid reporters out with the administrator of the wonderful resource that is the Taco Trucks Idaho blog to sample quite a few of the local options.  Here's what the Statesman's Guy Hand had to say when asked to pick a favorite:

If you held a tongue taco to my head, I'd choose Tacos Mobile Primo at Curtis and Franklin in Boise. It has two tables, a varied menu and tacos ($1.20/each) that are just a little bigger and a bit more vibrant than the rest.

I have to admit that I came very close to not enjoying my first experience there.  As is my custom, I ordered the torta because it's my favorite and tends to be a better representation of the type of food a truck puts out than their tacos are.  I would never order a torta from that truck again because it ended up being the skimpiest one I've ever had, and that would have been the end of it if my sister hadn't been with me that day and talked me into trying one of her chicken tacos.  I have to agree with the Statesman that the tacos are indeed tasty and well-stuffed.  Add that to the fact that they take debit cards, aren't that far from my office and are open until 1 A.M. on Fridays and Saturdays, and that's enough to keep them on my favorites list even if they aren't the best in town.  That distinction would go to Campos or Lorena's, depending on my mood swing (though for my money you can't beat the tortas at Tacos Aguililla, a worthwhile trip even if they don't take plastic, close at 10 and are all the way over in Nampa).  I was craving rice and couldn't decide between the carnitas and the asada, so I got the four taco combo with two of each.

My gal skipped the frills and got three chicken tacos, arranged nicely on a plate that I wasn't able to get a picture of before she attacked it (it was a late lunch, as I said).  The beans were soupy as per usual, the rice a little dry but flavorful, and the tacos as good as ever.  The carnitas was the better of the two in my opinion, tasting like it had been roasted well before being lightly fried to add some crispiness.  My dining companion enjoyed hers but said the chicken could have been better, though we suspect it might be because some of it was dark meat and she isn't a big fan of that.  I feel that the ratio of meat to onion, cilantro and sauce is very important, especially if the cook is adding the sauce himself, and this guy knows what he's doing.  It's probably for the best that their tortas aren't the greatest, as knowing where to get a good torta at midnight wouldn't be the best thing for my diet...

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