Pie Hole (Meridian)

Alas, no pictures for this update as the entire thing was very spur of the moment.  I've been to the Pie Hole before, and while it isn't anywhere near my favorite, I did enjoy it.  However, a few things were different this time:

1)  I was at the new Meridian location, as opposed to the downtown Boise one.
2)  I wasn't there after last call at the bars, and therefore
3)  I wasn't drunk.

I was actually excited to go there.  M'lady and I got a selection of slices (plain cheese and their semi-famous potato & bacon) and a couple of salads.  Like most places that sell slices, they had the pies already made up and on display, and as you order the slices are popped back into the oven for a quick warm-up.  I ordered to go, and as soon as the take-out boxes hit the table at home, we were ready to dig in.

That's what made the disappointment so much greater.  The salad was the standard green, serviceable but dry, and the little cup of dressing provided was not up to the task.  I was immediately wary, since for the same price you can get one at least twice the size from Pizza Perfection, customized to your exact specifications with anything they have available for pizza toppings, the veggies crisp and juicy.  The pizza situation was better, but not by much.  The cheese slices made it through relatively unscathed (though still a little too browned for my gal's standards), but the potato & bacon ones were just this side of cremated.  And I'm not one of those people who exaggerates my prose in order to make my writings more interesting, I mean we were peeling slabs of black, cracker-crispy crust off the bottom of the pizza in order to make it edible.  Because of the overcooking, the bacon became chewy and the potatoes limp, brown and more resembling the home fries you'd find in a less than stellar truck stop.

For my part, I'm ready to write the place off unless it's late, I've had a few belts (they do keep VERY late hours, especially on the weekends) and pretty much everything else is closed.  If I want NY style, Guido's is just down on Chinden.  If I want value, Pizza Perfection kills pretty much every other place in town with their buy one, get one free policy (and their stuff is GOOD).  If I want creative combinations, I still say Flying Pie is the best.  However, my beloved thinks we have to reserve judgment until we've had a fresh out of the oven pie made to order.  Time will tell...

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