On the Road: The Lot / à la carte (Bend, OR)

A couple of things to apologize for today.  First of all, I'm WAY behind on my posts again.  Secondly, a lot of the upcoming posts will be road posts, so I guess I should half-heartedly apologize to those of you who think I spend too much time writing about places that aren't local.  That having been said, this will at least be a quick one, so bear with me.

In my last post, I mentioned that I had two coffees in pretty short order on my last morning in Bend.  After that I headed to 7-Eleven to stock up on cherry Slurpee and Red Bull for the trip home, and discovered that they don't have a public restroom.  I couldn't remember where the nearest rest area on the freeway was, so I asked the cashier who was ringing up my purchases where the nearest public restroom was, and he told me it was around the block where the food trucks were.  Food trucks?  On a Sunday?  This I had to check out.  And that's how I found myself at The Lot.

The Lot

Now, I'd found out about The Lot during my pre-trip research, but wrote it off because there just wasn't enough time.  I wasn't even going to bother cruising by to scope it out, but as luck would have it I stumbled across it by accident.  Essentially The Lot is a permanent food truck encampment.  They have several trucks (there were four when I showed up, all open for business), real bathrooms, covered seating, and even a fair selection of beer and cider on tap.

I took advantage of the facilities and then started scoping out menus.  After that tasting menu experience the previous night, I definitely wasn't up for a full breakfast, but I figured it would be safe to grab a quick truck snack for the road.  In the end, I opted for à la carte.

à la carte

They had salads and tacos, but I guess the Idaho boy in me won out, and I ordered the Gorgonzola Bacon Fries, which come with both Gorgonzola cheese and Gorgonzola aioli, bacon, green onions, and Cajun seasoning.

Gorgonzola Bacon Fries

The thing about trucks is that you never know what to expect in terms of portion size.  Eight bucks for fries is kind of steep, but maybe the bacon was really high quality.  Maybe the cheese was amazing.  Maybe it was just horribly overpriced.  Lucky for me, it was just very good and the amount was huge.  This box had to weigh a pound and a half.  The fries themselves resembled McDonald's, minus all the additives.  Lots of bacon.  Lots of Gorgonzola flavor.  I had my doubts about the Cajun seasoning, but it works.  Unfortunately, I was only able to eat about half of this mountain of food before I had to tap out.

Not much of a write-up, I know.  Just some street food fries.  But the point is that The Lot is open seven days a week with at least four or five trucks available, plus real seating and alcohol.  I'd recommend putting them on your possibilities list if you happen to be in town.

Food: Fast, yummy, and al fresco.
Service:  No complaints.
Value:  Pretty typical of a decent food truck.
Atmosphere:  Definitely better than you'll get at most food trucks due to the extras available.
Final Grade:  A

The Lot Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 

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