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You may notice that I don't typically include a lot of background information about eateries and chefs in my reviews.  Unlike print publications and some of the other bloggers around, I value my anonymity, the primary reason for which is the fact that when I go to a place, I want to be treated like anyone else walking in off the street.  I don't want special treatment, free food, or extra effort put in on my account.  I want the same experience anybody else would have, it keeps things objective and fair.  So, I don't really ask for people's life story while they're making my food.  Still, sometimes the aesthetics of an eatery tells you something about the people behind the scenes...

For example, a hot pink truck with a painting of a rainbow-vomiting unicorn tells you...well, about the same thing that the word "Munchies" in the name of the business does.  Still, I suppose I might be judging too quickly.  Maybe the menu will offer come clarity?  Hmm, lots of easily-portable comfort food and deep-fried desserts.  Eh, I guess that's still not necessarily conclusive.  It's not like they have Fritos with a side of cream cheese for dipping (which is awesome, by the way) or anything obvious like that.  But I digress.

I first visited Mythical Munchies last summer.  At that time they had a couple of specials involving pulled pork, possibly my all-time favorite food item.  Still, I was torn between the Piglet Sliders (I could swear I just heard a vegetarian groan) and the Powdered Rubies, MM's cute name for deep-fried PB&J.  So, I did what any sensible person would: I ordered both.  Plus fries, because shut up.

Piglet Sliders and fries

Right out of the gate, the sliders didn't grab me.  The buns were a little dry for my taste.  The pork was shredded to smithereens and came heavily pre-sauced, which is a big no-no for me.  I get that it probably makes it a lot easier to work with on a truck, but that spells fast food BBQ to me, not barbecue.  I'm sure plenty of people would be fine with it, but it's just not my cup of tea, especially at three bucks a slider.  At least the fries were decent.

Powdered Rubies

The Powdered Rubies, on the other hand, were delicious.  I guess I had been expecting something prepared like a Monte Cristo sandwich, kind of like a PB&J on French toast sprinkled with powdered sugar.

Inside the Powdered Ruby

This thing was like getting a fresh, hot, powdered jelly doughnut.  I'm not a big fruit guy, so I'm not sure what the hell was involved here, but I can tell you it wasn't Welch's strawberry.  Still, it was great.  A little crispy, fluffy, sweet, a little salty from the peanut butter.  I highly, highly recommend these.

On my second trip, I decided to order one of their menu staples, the Stinky Rainbows.  Yeah, not the best name, but when you're serving a pretty standard item I guess a creative name doesn't hurt. I'm not the biggest dessert fan in the world, but I do like Oreos, and Mythical Munchies serves them.  Deep-fried.  And calls them Frosty's Eyes.  And this time I got sweet potato fries, which they refer to as Unicorn Hair.  No, I was not able to keep a straight face while ordering.

Stinky Rainbows with sweet potato fries

So, the Stinky Rainbow is a bleu cheese bacon burger slider with A-1 (one of my favorite burger toppings) and fried onions.


Once again, the buns seemed a little dry.  I wasn't particularly crazy about the fries (the regular ones are better), and the bacon could have been crisper.  That having been said, these were definitely more in my comfort zone, flavorful and more reasonably priced.

Frosty's Eyes

As for the deep-fried Oreos...holy shit.  I've seen these things before at fairs, carnivals, on the Food and Travel channels, etc., but I've never seen them done more more successfully than this.

Inside Frosty's Eye

The breading was perfect.  It wasn't so thick that it turned into a grease sponge, nor thin enough for the oil to penetrate beyond it.  Likewise, they weren't cooked so long that the center liquefied and turned the cookie to mush.  There was still a little crunch, and the inside had the consistency of frosting.  If there is a better way to make these, I have no idea what it would be.

In conclusion, I'm hard-pressed to understand why these guys are ever out during daylight hours.  If I owned a bar, I would offer this truck a permanent location in my parking lot.  Seriously, you could go out with your friends, have a few drinks, stumble outside to buy a couple of different kinds of sliders to share and something sweet, starchy and fried for after...can you think of anything more fitting?  I sure as hell can't.

Food:  The slider rolls could be better, but I can look past that.  The desserts are outrageous.
Value:  Maybe a little pricey for certain items, but overall they're reasonable.
Service:  Very mellow.
Atmosphere:  Pink, man.  Really pink.
Final Grade:  A-

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