Another serving of "meh"...

I swear to you, I didn't want to kick off the new year with another bunch of these, but I've been having a lot of mediocre experiences lately and I'm burying myself with them because I can't get enthused about writing them up.  Bear with me, and consider yourself warned...

Stagecoach Inn's Fried Chicken

I guess we might as well start with The Stagecoach Inn, since today is your last chance to eat there if you're inclined to do so.  They came up in a discussion about fried chicken over on my Facebook page about who makes the best in town (the most votes, believe it or not, went to Fred Meyer's deli department).  I was curious because their chicken is broasted, which I've never tried before.  I've never been much of a fried chicken fan (or even much of a chicken fan in general), but people do freak out over it so I figured I'd try one last time.  My mom digs steak but rarely gets it, so I bought her a Stagecoach gift card for Christmas, and when she went to use it I tagged along to try the chicken.  The salad, baked potato and bread were decent, but I wasn't thrilled with my entrée.  Granted, it was tender and very juicy, but it lacked flavor.  I'm probably spoiled by KFC just like many others, but I'm used to a little more of an herb and spice hit.  The famous bar prawns were, in my opinion, overpriced and a little greasy.  As for my mother's bone-in rib eye?  She ordered it medium-rare, it looked gorgeous on the outside, but a couple of bites in it was seeming pretty undercooked.  I advised her to send it back, and she replied that there was no way she was going to be able to put down a 20 oz steak in one sitting anyway, so she'd eat around the outside and save the rest to fry up with some eggs the next morning.  Here's the picture she texted me the following day at breakfast time:

Raw meat

I don't know if they're suffering from short-timers syndrome or what, but it makes me sad that I never got to try them in their heyday.  As for me, I think I might be well and truly done with fried chicken.  At least until someone else comes forward to say I have to try their favorite place first.

A variety of rolls from Sushi Ya

I know that AYCE sushi is a sketchy proposition, but I'd heard some good things about Sushi Ya and decided to check them out for myself.  I don't remember the names of the rolls and their website menu isn't being very helpful, but I can tell you that though I got one fried roll and two regular rolls, everything was roughly the same temperature (room temperature), which was a little troubling.  The breading on the fried roll was surprisingly soft as well.  Still, the flavors were okay, and despite gripes on some of the aggregate review sites we had no issues whatsoever with the staff.  AND nobody got sick, so if you're looking for maximum variety and consumption then this is worth checking out.  I'd go back there before returning to IOU any day.

Burger Den Special

Growing up in Meridian, one of the places we would sometimes go to grab a bite was Ken's Burger Den.  I thought it was a single location or perhaps a chain that had gone out of business after Ken's closed down quite some time ago, so I was a little surprised when I moved to Eagle and came across Doug's Burger Den.  Of course it's been a lot of years and things have changed a bit, which at Doug's includes the addition of things like gyros and handmade burger patties.  My roommate's kids go on about the place quite a bit, so I finally decided to try them out myself, and what better way to test out a burger joint than with a bacon double cheeseburger and a chocolate malt?  Well, the chocolate malt was pretty good, and I was overjoyed that Doug's has tater sticks rather than tots.  However, the burger left me a little cold.

Den Burger

The burger patties were good, the bacon beautifully crisp, but as a signature burger this thing left a lot to be desired.  From the anemic bun to the iceberg lettuce and the fake cheese, nothing else on this sandwich was the equal of the meat.  And when I order a deluxe burger, I kind of expect it to have not just lettuce, ketchup and/or mayo, but also tomato, onion and pickles.  Am I being unreasonable here?  Considering that this is the most expensive burger on their menu, the overall effect was very underwhelming.

If you're still here, thanks for sticking it out, and keep your fingers crossed that I'll visit some better places soon.  I know my fingers will be crossed.

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