El Gallo Giro (Kuna)

I've not been looking forward to this, because I'm expecting some griping and a few insults.  Sigh.  Let's just get it over with, eh?

El Gallo Giro in Kuna is something of a local legend.  Every time the Statesman or the Weekly do one of their somewhat redundant annual polls, these guys always seem to come out on top.  Before anyone lights the torches or sharpens the pitchforks, I want to make it clear that there's nothing horrible about this place.  Nothing at all.  But I've been there twice now, once a couple of years ago and once comparatively recently, and I'm just not understanding the hype.  Anyway, pictures...

Coronarita or something to that effect.  The beer seems to help you gently extend the buzz from the giant cocktail.  Not a bad idea, really.

Guacamole.  My advice?  Only order it if the tableside option is available.  The standard appetizer version is three smallish scoops (compare them to the size of the spoon).  Good, but a little pricey.

Veggie Burrito.

Kid's enchilada meal.

Kid's burrito meal.

The El Patron Combo:  One seafood enchilada, one tamale, one chile relleno, rice, beans and a taco.  I chose to add another taco for an extra buck because I couldn't choose between cabrito (BBQ goat) and cabeza de puerco (pork cheek).  I haven't commented specifically on any of this stuff because pretty much everything got comments like "okay" or "pretty good" from everybody.  Once again, not bad but not particularly great.  It makes me a little sad, because I want to have the same experience that everyone who always raves about the place has.  Everything is very decent and the service is great.  I dig the wide variety of proteins available (the tacos are my favorite thing there), but as far as overall quality goes I can just as easily hit a truck for a good cheap taco, and there are plenty of options around for a decent Mexican meal.  Am I just not ordering the right thing?  For me to make the trek to Kuna again, there needs to be something more impressive.  If you know what that might be, feel free to enlighten me.

Food:  Decent, but there are much closer Mexican restaurants that make things I like better than anything I've had at El Gallo Giro.  If you like street style tacos, it's worth a visit to try some of their more unusual varieties.  B-
Value:  Varies.  I'd say the prices are a little higher than they should be, likely because of the restaurant's reputation.  B
Service:  Other than the tacos, this is their best thing.  Everyone's friendly and the drinks are kept full.  A
Atmosphere:  Pretty much what you'd expect.  B
Final Grade:  B

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