Big Daddy's Barbecue 2: Electric Boogaloo

Well my last review was kind of lame, seeing as how it was basically a photo gallery with a few random comments, so of course I figure why not do the same thing again?  I first encountered Big Daddy's Barbecue when they was serving up delicious meats from a shack in front of Cabela's (read about it here).  I've stated on more than one occasion since then that Hoss makes the best pulled pork to be had in the Boise area, and my feelings about that haven't changed one iota.  When he picked up and moved his operation to Kuna a few months later, I was crushed.  Where was I to get a barbecue fix on my lunch breaks now?  Fortunately for me, he built up enough of a following to take a location in Meridian that had housed a couple of failed Hawaiian eateries and turn it into a place where I can get those delicious porcine shreds six days a week.  There's not a lot to say that I didn't say the first time around, so what follows will once again be a selection of pictures, ranging from crappy (old camera) to not-quite-so-crappy (camera phone) to moderately okay (new camera).  Yes, I finally got a new camera, and I fully expect my pictures to improve as I get used to it.  The best thing about it is the speed, with my current record from "power off" to "decent picture" being just under three seconds.  But enough about my limited photography skills.  Let's look at some meat!

Pulled chicken nachos

Brisket slider kid's meal

House salad with brisket

Sauce selection.  I'm partial to the sweet.

The Big Daddy sandwich, with brisket, pork and a respectably spicy sausage.

Garlic smashed potatoes and Mac-N-Cheese.  Yes, there's bacon in it.

The Bones & No Bones platter, with ribs and brisket.

The pulled pork grilled cheese sandwich.  I'm proud to say the addition of bacon was my suggestion.

Pulled pork plate with fries.

The 50/50 sandwich: 50% brisket, 50% pork, 100% wonderful.

Pulled pork slider kid's meal.

Bones & No Bones combo with pulled pork.

There was a bone in there.  I thoroughly enjoyed searching for it.

I'll share a few thoughts here, just so I don't feel quite so lazy.  If you want a sandwich, my personal recommendation would be the 50/50 with a side of fries.  The fries are very good, and if I have any complaint about this restaurant it would be that the portions given can be inconsistent.  Of course, it's probably better for my health that way.  If you're wanting a plate I would suggest the pulled pork, or the Bones & No Bones combo with pulled pork.  Basically, no matter what you order it should include the pork.  All the sides I've tried have been good, but other than the fries my favorite is the slaw.  And bring the kids, because the kid's meals at $5.50 can't be beat.  Neither of my roomie's daughters have been able to completely finish one.  In a hurry?  Call your order in, Big Daddy's has a drive-through!

Food:  Pure meat candy, plus some starch and a little vegetation.  A
Value:  Not the cheapest you'll find around, but you get what you pay for.  A
Service:  It's an order and pick up at the counter kind of place, but the people are friendly and helpful  And Hoss just plain rocks.  A
Atmosphere:  A little cheesy, but what barbecue place isn't?  A
Final Grade:  A


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