West Coast Weiner Company (CLOSED)

If you follow the local street food scene at all, there's a good chance you've heard about West Coast Weiner Company.  Proprietor Mike Grim recently made the move here from Spokane and started working the social networking scene pretty quickly.  I was lured by posts about big coils of Italian sausage and meatball sandwiches on Facebook.  I was pretty sure neither of those things would be available today, but the very fact that he has them on occasion made me curious to try his standard fare.

Welcome to the complaint department!

What follows is a long-winded diatribe regarding a couple of responses to what I do (or do not do) on here.  It is not a review of an eatery or a dish.  You've been warned.  Click below if you're so inclined.

Giant Pork Burrito Chain Challenge: Qdoba

Once again, here are the rules: I will only be reviewing pork burritos because, well, it's me. Also, it saves me from having to take places like Taco Time and Taco Bell into consideration. I will not be purchasing any premium add-ons; if it isn't available as a standard choice, I ain't getting it. I'll only be reviewing burritos from fast food chains, because bringing restaurants and taco trucks into it just casts too wide a net. And because this is a series about a specific food item from fast food chain eateries, I won't be using my standard rating system for the atmosphere, service and so on (though I may mention those things in passing). Also, keep in mind that I'm rating this stuff for what it is, not measured against authentic Mexican food or restaurants, so an A+ doesn't mean it's the best food ever. And now...

Shanaz Home Kitchen Cuisine and Catering, a mouthful in more ways than one...

Recently an Island-influenced Southern-style comfort food restaurant opened in a strip mall on Meridian Road.  If you think that's an odd combination, what would you say if I told you they share kitchen space with a conveyor belt sushi joint?  If you're intrigued, the little place with the big name is Shanaz Home Kitchen Cuisine and Catering.

I keep my promises. Usually. Sooner or later.

Update - Oleg and Lana have packed up and moved a little closer to the heart of Eagle.  Their new place is called Restaurant Rendevous and more details can be found here.

Bear with me here, I'm so used to cramming my thoughts into 400-500 words now that it feels strange to do my usual rambling.  Anyway, I'm ashamed to admit that I didn't set foot in the Russian Bear Café until I went to talk to Oleg and Lana for BoiseWeekly.com, even though I'd been living in Eagle for many months.  Of course there are a ton of restaurants in the Boise area and I can never hope to make it to all of them, but I have a definite soft spot for foreign cuisine, especially comfort food.  And Russian Bear has that in spades.