Awesome event coming up!

What:  Taste208
When:  Saturday, May 12th, 6:00-10:00 PM
Where:  Riverside Hotel, 2900 W Chinden Blvd
Why:  To showcase regional craft beers, wines and spirits (so 21 and over, obviously)
Who:  This is where it gets fun...

Epic Brewing Co. (UT)
Payette Brewing Co. (ID)
Crooked Fence Brewing (ID)
Salmon River Brewery (ID)
Alaskan Amber (AK)
Cascade Lakes (OR)
Deschutes (OR)
Elysian Brewing (WA)
Sierra Nevada (CA)

Coiled Wines (ID)
Telaya Wine Company (ID)
Indian Creek Winery (ID)
Bitner Vineyards (ID)
Colter's Creek (ID)
Koenig Vineyards (ID)
Snake River Winery (ID)
Iris Vineyards (OR)
Gifford Hirlinger (WA)
Airfield Estates (WA)
Fidelitas Winery  (WA)
Basel Cellars Winery (WA)
Treveri Cellars (WA)
Joseph Phelps (CA)
Roederer Estate- Mendocino (CA)
Scharffenberger Cellar- Mendocino (CA)
Gruet Blanc de Noir (NM)

44o North Vodka (ID)
American Harvest (ID)
Blue Ice Vodka (ID)
Dry Fly Distillery (WA)
Bakon Vodka (WA)
Under Ground Herbal Liqueur (UT)

I know, I know, I don't focus a lot on alcohol here despite the fact that I like it.  Quite a bit actually.  Anyway, what's a drink (or several) without something to nibble on?  For that reason, food will be made available from a number of truck and street food vendors, several of which I've rambled endlessly about.  Here's your food line-up:

Rice Works (BOISE)

Archie’s Place (BOISE)

Momo Dumplings (BOISE)

A Cupcake Paradise (MERIDIAN)

City Peanut (BOISE)
Calle 75 (KETCHUM)
Dawson Taylor Coffee (BOISE)
Bucksnort Root Beer (BELLEVUE, ID)

Now the reason I'm telling you about all of this is because I've been invited to attend the media portion of the proceedings, which marks the first time I've been invited to attend ANYTHING as a member of the media.  To prove that I'm worthy of this distinction (and partly for my own curiosity), I would absolutely love it if you went to to buy your ticket, and put TVTT under "Company/Org Name".  They're $25, but you can shave five bucks off with discount code SAVE5.

More information is available at  Hope to see you there!

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  1. Even inside a container, the cupcake looks enticingly delicious.