Evil Genius Food (a Food Truck Rally follow-up)

Just wanted to get a little deeper into a few of the more interesting things I've eaten lately, and the Food Truck Rally is a good place to start...

Pied du Cochon "Hot Dog" from B29 Streatery

The Pied du Cochon "Hot Dog" from the lunatics at B29 Streatery is definitely the craziest thing I've eaten recently.  According to Chef Greg, this is pork shank, brined in the same solution used for corned beef, cooked sous-vide for about 30 hours before being shredded, rolled, breaded and deep fried.  The end result vaguely resembles a hot dog.  This delicious monstrosity is then stuffed into a potato bun and topped with endive, cornichon slices, and whole grain mustard.  In the end, it's a yummy pork shank sandwich that looks like a hot dog, and the prep involved definitely makes it worth the price.

B29's herbed fries with Swiss cheese fondue

After all these months, I finally got to try the Streatery's fried with Swiss cheese fondue.  I definitely recommend them over the bleu cheese variety.  Like everything else they sell, this dish was rich, decadent and filling.  I recommend splitting them with someone, it leaves room for an entrée.

Butternut Squash Soup and Cubano sandwich from Archie's Place

Archie's Place definitely cleaned up at the Rally, and how could they not?  Their clever variations on classic dishes are not only interesting but also familiar enough to be comforting, and when it's a cold and rainy night how the hell can you beat soup and sandwiches?  In this case, the soup was roasted butternut squash with bleu cheese and bacon, and it was every bit as good as it sounds.  The sandwich was an interesting twist on the classic Cuban: starting with their "basic" grilled cheese sandwich (olive oil and cheese - Swiss in this case - on sourdough bread), to which is added the Mean Joe Green Sloppy Joe mix of ground pork and green sauce, plus the standard ham, mustard and pickles.  I've been craving another one of these sandwiches badly and I'm really hoping they'll still be on the menu when Archie's Place rolls over to Payette Brewing next weekend.

RiceWorks' new paint job

RiceWorks is not only one of my favorite food trucks, but one of my favorite places to get Chinese food, period.  I love the light, balanced sauces, the quality meats, the generous portions of grilled veggies, noodles and rice, the amazing egg rolls with spicy dipping sauce...but Phu definitely has more up his sleeve than classic Asian comfort food.  He's got a mind for fusion cuisine, and I need to share this with you even though it wasn't on his menu at the Rally...

Spicy Korean Chicken Fusion Tacos with yakisoba

Recently, for all too short a time (though he insists they will return), a few fusion tacos graced the RiceWorks menu.  Now teriyaki is all fine and well, but it was the Spicy Korean Chicken option that caught my eye.  Spicy Korean barbecue chicken in a tortilla with lettuce, cilantro, marinated cucumber, sesame seeds and Sriracha.  Are you drooling yet?  I have to confess I'm close to it myself.  This was hands down the most surprising and instantly addictive thing I've had the pleasure of eating in recent memory.  So it burned a little bit and made it impossible to taste the yakisoba I'd ordered as a side, so what?  It was totally worth it.  I'll be watching and waiting for these to rotate back on to the menu, and then I think I'll order about six of them, because who needs side dishes anyway?

Inspired at all?  If you haven't been doing so already, hit the streets.  There's fast, fresh, delectable food out there at extremely reasonable prices, being served by people who have the initiative and ability to try things that restaurants can't or won't.  It's a helluva lot more exciting than the latest variation on the Whopper or the slight tweaks that Wendy's is making to their burgers, believe me.

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