I think people shoot the messenger because they can't shoot the message...

It is with much, MUCH regret that I pass along the following tidbit: the Yen Ching Bakery will close again at the end of February.  I think this may be just about the most depressing thing I've had the displeasure of reporting here.  What is this now, the third time they've closed?  This time, they say it's for good.

This all started on Yelp.com, of all places.  I don't even remember now how I came to be looking at the Yen Ching Bakery's listing on Yelp.com, but in the comments section someone said that the bakery was to close once and for all at the end of next month.  I was aghast, but skeptical.  I called the bakery and the man who answered the phone didn't know what I was talking about, but said if I wanted to be sure I should call back in a few hours and speak to the owner.  One thing led to another, and I didn't get a chance to call back that evening.  Much later that night I went to Yen Ching's website, got the e-mail address for the bakery, and sent an inquiry.  After a couple of days without a response, I posted a message on their Facebook page asking for information about the situation.  Then today, I called back and the man who answered the phone confirmed it.  This sucks so hard, especially considering how happy I was when the place opened.  It was one of those moments where I thought you know, maybe Boise is more advanced than I thought.  Every new idea that succeeds gives birth to other ideas, which was evidenced by the recent addition of dim sum to Yen Ching's menu.  The dim sum itself was a fringe benefit brought in with the new baker, replacing the previous one whose departure had caused the previous closure of the bakery.  So is the dim sum going away too?  I don't know at this point.  I'll post more as I know it, but in the meantime you'd better get down there Sunday mornings for the fresh steamed buns while you still can.


  1. I'm the one on Yelp who divulged the news. Mike the owner gave me the go-ahead to mention it on there. Towards the beginning of February he'll contact the Weekly and Statesman to let a wider audience know he'll be closing, as he didn't want a repeat of last time where they closed and no one knew about it.

    The dim sum is part of the restaurant and has nothing to do with the bakery. They merely advertise the dim sum in the bakery, which I thought was a good idea since the people frequenting the bakery are less xenophobic than your typical Boisean. The good news is that the dim sum is selling fairly well, which frankly surprised me quite a bit.

  2. Thanks for the info, Brian. It sucks that we have to lose either the bakery or the dim sum, but at least we're not losing both.