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Vermicelli from Baguette Deli

I ended up at Baguette Deli again recently, but I wasn't really feeling the sandwich thing.  Lucky for me they had another option.  Their vermicelli dishes come with a pile of rice noodles, all the veggies from their sandwiches, cilantro and your choice of toppings.  I opted for BBQ pork and sliced egg roll because, well,  I love Asian BBQ pork and I'm addicted to Baguette Deli's egg rolls.

Baja Tacos from Baja Fresh
 Those of you wanting to try "street tacos" without eating in a parking lot would do well to give the burritos a break and try the Baja Tacos at Baja Fresh.  You'll pay more than you would at a truck, Taco Time or Taco Bell, but it's damn good food with the old two tortilla, onion and cilantro combo and you'll have your choice of half a dozen salsas.

Speaking of tacos, I finally got a menu pic up on my old Tacos Mobile Primo entry.  They're good, they're at the corner of Franklin and Curtis, and they take debit cards!

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