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This is going to be another post without even a sideways review in it, but I just had to share.  This blog gets a pretty decent amount of views, but not a lot of comments.  Last night, there was one waiting back on my first Boise Fry Company review:

sourgarlic said...

You are a DORK. Stay away from downtown if you hate it. Go back and eat at the Target or Walmart snack bar. Seriously, stay in your trailer.
When I make comments about people who have their noses stuck up their own butts, who think that just because something is downtown and locally owned, it simply must be good, this is more or less what I'm talking about.  Except for the fact that they're usually a bit more eloquent.  I really wish that if this person was that bothered by what I said, they would have tried to open up an intelligent discussion, rather than just implying that anything that's not downtown is on par with department store lunch counters.  And besides, I like the popcorn at Target.  Not only does it taste great, but leftovers can be strung together with a needle and thread to make Christmas tree decorations that are the envy of the whole trailer park!

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