A preview of things to come? Oh, and a disclaimer...

The following conversation happened via text message earlier this afternoon...

Track's girlfriend:  Spicy chicken lettuce wraps

Track:  Those were my mom's fave.

Track's girlfriend:  Yummy!

Track:  Still can't believe you're checking them out before me. LOL

Track's girlfriend:  Yes we definitely need to come here together. i think you will be impressed.

Track:  Well they are the #9 "best fine dining" restaurant in Boise on that site I love.

Track's girlfriend:  Im def impressed. the iced green tea is delish too!

Track:  I'm all jealous. Going to a taco stand for lunch myself.  LOL


Okay, some of you may have noticed there's some advertising going on 'round these parts now.  After I mentioned several times that I don't make money by doing this, I got a pop-up while posting an entry advising that I can indeed make some money this way.  I reviewed the options and went with two programs that allow ads but doesn't put them in my posts (unless I choose to), just in between them and to the side.  The ads are also targeted by my content, which is why there are so many for Groupon and Keurig (both services/products I use by the way, so I'm not a total sell-out).  So, it was my choice to put them there, not something being forced on me by my blog host.  What the hell, maybe I'll make enough to indulge my street food addiction one or two more times a month!

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