Cleanin' up our town...

When it comes to restaurant information and user reviews, Urbanspoon rocks.  They were one of the invaluable resources I used when planning my trip to Portland and looking for a good dim sum place.  However, I don't think there's a lot of locals adding or updating listings for the Boise area.  Many of the places listed are no longer in business, many new places have not been added, and a lot of the current listings don't include contact information, hours, website addresses, links to online menus, etc.  Do the town a favor, check out the site and look up some of your favorites.  If they're not listed, add them.  If they are listed, flesh them out.  And submit some reviews while you're at it!  The top rated restaurant in Boise is Goldy's Breakfast Bistro, yet they have only 374 votes and 13 user reviews.  Think of it as a civic duty or something.

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