Famous Dave's

Famous Dave's Ultimate BBQ Burger, with fries and wet nap

The picture isn't the best, but this was very last minute.  Here's what the menu had to say:

Ultimate BBQ Burger: A juicy ground beef patty beneath a pile of Georgia chopped pork with two strips of jalapeño bacon, melted Cheddar cheese, and our signature Beam & Cola BBQ sauce.
Of course, I substituted smoked bacon for the jalapeño bacon.  For the reason why, see my last post.  I'd say the burger itself was probably 1/3 lb. and nicely charred.  The pork got lost a little between the beef and the sauce and the cheese, but did lend it a little texture and a nice overall depth of flavor.  And despite the already prevailing theme, I can assure you I don't eat pork for every meal or even every day.

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