Saint Lawrence Gridiron

Friends and readers, I feel I need to come clean about something here, something that I've never really kept hidden, but which may not have been stated clearly enough: I am a meat lover.  Voracious, unrepentant and insatiable.  This is not to say that I don't love fruit and veggies, but if the world was ending in a few hours I wouldn't be throwing together a salad for my last meal.

All sarcasm aside, I've gone on at great lengths about my favorite places for a protein fix, whether it's pulled pork from Big Daddy's Barbecue (opening an actual restaurant soon!) or Greg Lamm's (formerly of Brick 29 Bistro / B29 Streatery, now at Red Feather Lounge / Bittercreek Alehouse) unique and challenging interpretations of classic comfort foods.  Today I want to talk about someone else, a man who makes classic meat dishes sing, and who works in protein the way Picasso worked in paints.  Which is to say that the guy is creative and his food is really good, ya dig?