Another Boise Weekly piece (and my first attempt at using the Android app)

My latest chef profile is up at the Boise Weekly website. This one is about Lorena Jimenez from Lorena's Mexican Grill, whom I believe I may have mentioned once or twice. Anyway, check it out here: In the Kitchen With Lorena Jimenez

Back on

I've got another article up over at the Boise Weekly website.  It's meant to be the first in a series about chefs and restauranteurs, which is an entirely different type of writing for me.  Please take a look and fee free to share your thoughts:  In The Kitchen with Phu Tran of RiceWorks

Giant Pork Burrito Chain Challenge: Cafe Rio

Once again, here are the rules: I will only be reviewing pork burritos because, well, it's me.  Also, it saves me from having to take places like Taco Time and Taco Bell into consideration.  I will not be purchasing any premium add-ons; if it isn't available as a standard choice, I ain't getting it.  I'll only be reviewing burritos from fast food chains, because bringing restaurants and taco trucks into it just casts too wide a net.  And because this is a series about a specific food item from fast food chain eateries, I won't be using my standard rating system for the atmosphere, service and so on (though I may mention those things in passing).  Also, keep in mind that I'm rating this stuff for what it is, not measured against authentic Mexican food or restaurants, so an A+ doesn't mean it's the best food ever.  And now...